My Story

My career began at the age of 17 years old as an apprentice sign writer, before computer technology started to take over our trade. At the time I was sad to see the industry slowly lose the hand brush work and I decided back then I would never let my skills go but would also embrace the new technology with our sign business.

We grew to be one of the largest sign companies in Cairns Australia, where we were leaders in our field. We were one of the first Australian companies to invest in a digital sign printer in the early 90’s enabling us to print photographic prints with a outdoor life of 3 years… which was a big deal back then! We continued to expand into digital technology with the introduction of CNC 3D routing and wide format printing, both of which are standard practices these days. My love of computer design and animation grew as the technology advanced, enough to where it was possible for small companies to participate in this field. I started with point of sale slide shows which I enjoyed tremendously, and am still to this day improving and building on my skills.

Since we left Australia 9 years ago I have developed my passion for photography and time lapse photography further. I get to spend time up in the mountains both by myself, and with my wife and best friend Lesley who stands by my side in whatever adventure comes our way… we have been working together since our first sign shop when I was 18 years old so you could say she is definitely my right hand man (or woman as the case may be) lol.

So now it is time for me to put all of my skills to work for anyone who needs to be noticed in these hard times ahead and the world conditions we are all experiencing. I look forward to helping your business grow, with my skills and your products let’s take on these times together!